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Tool Changers

Don’t stop your production line so a machine mechanic can swap tooling

Let the robot swap tools on the fly with an ARI automatic tool changer. Applied Robotics connection technology is designed to improve and quicken any process requiring frequent connection/disconnection of tooling and support utilities– automatically.
When it comes to robotics, maximizing uptime is critical, that’s why

Applied Robotics has designed our best in class multi-cam robotic tool changer lines to perform multiple functions in a single work cell easily and efficiently.

Don’t put your faith in common ball and collet designs that can jam from debris and stop production or free wheel if guide pins break and create a safety hazard.
Rely on the safety and reassurance of a positive locking cam mechanism that “wears in” instead of out, maintaining like new performance throughout its lifetime. We are so confident in our Epsilon coupling design that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the coupling mechanism parts!

Features and Benefits
• Assembly
• Dispensing
• Material handling and welding