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Food Industry

During the past several years, the use of automation in food processing and food packaging has continuously increased and new, exciting applications come up every day.
Handling of food “packages” doesn’t always mandate a “food grade” gripper and there are many grippers in our GI (General Industry) line that may fit the bill.
However, when direct contact with the food is necessary a specialized food grade gripper is required.

Applied Robotics is on the frontline in developing special end-of-arm tooling that meets the specific needs of the food industry.

Our grippers and tooling have been developed for handling and moving goods with damageable, frozen, soft or uneven surfaces. They are able to process and pack these delicate goods quickly and efficiently – all while being easy to clean and maintain.

This food specific tooling is sealed from contaminants and made from materials suitable for the application, such as stainless steel and food grade polyethylene (PET). Units can be washed down and/or rebuilt as required which supports a long and productive life in your plant and a great R.O.I.

The trend towards packaging variety demands the flexibility that can be provided by Applied Robotics’ line of food specific tooling – like the Meat Gripper.
Versions are available in stainless steel for single portion steak or chicken breast packaging with either a USDA or FDA acceptance. Also available are parallel finger models in two sizes in either stainless steel or FDA accepted polyethylene (PET). There is also a Rod in a Rod design that can stack and package a variety of flat circular products (think hamburger, turkey or egg patties).

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