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Batch Manufacturing

Autoliv Gains Efficiency Through Automation.

Problem defined.

Autoliv was building machines for folding air bags for several different OEM’s. Every time they had a different model, they had to purchase another machine. The average machine cost was $132.000.00, a fairly large nut to be bid into every quote that they did for a manufacturer.

Solution in reach.

Applied Robotics customized its pneumatic utilities module, which normally contains four ports to four ports, to create a four port to one port module. In addition, Applied Robotics increased the diameter of the port to allow for even greater air supply and terminated the ends of the wiring to plug directly into Autoliv’s controller. In an effort to further improve Autoliv’s efficiencies, Applied Robotics bolted the customized modules directly to the tool changer, creating one unit with one assigned part number. These complete solution packages eliminated the need for on-site assembly and helped streamline the ordering process for Autoliv’s technicians and accountants.

By utilizing Applied Robotics’ MXC20, and using it in the process of mounting the folding tool that is then attached to the machine, they were able to save $100.000.00 via a flexible table using different heads. This is a process that has allowed Autoliv to quote lower prices to car manufacturers, thus giving them a price advantage on any other air bag manufacturer.