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Products that do more, better, faster.

Every Applied Robotics solution comprises a technically-advanced set of products that help industries and organizations refine and improve the performance of their robotic processes.
Time and time again.
From tool changers and collision sensors at work on just about every automotive assembly line in the world, to specialized grippers used to handle microplates in lab automation.


Cambio utensile automatico_Automatic tool changer
Anti-collision sensor_Sensore anticollisione
Pinza parallela a 2 griffe universale con forza di presa elevata e coppie massime_Universal 2-finger parallel gripper with large gripping force and high moments
Effecto Group_Distributore rotante_Rotary Feed-through_PRD
Effecto Group_Attuatori rotanti AR_Pneumatic Swivel Units
Effecto Group_Flexicut


Morse autocentranti a 2 griffe MP_MPI_2-jaws self-centering vise
Testa radiale a carrello singolo_Facing head with single slide
Mandrino ad indexaggio con chiusura ed indexaggio automatici - 4x90°_Indexing chuck with automatic clamping and indexing - 4x90°
Morsa ad indexaggio automatico_Automatic indexing vise
Effecto Group_CNC-Flexicut