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Applied Robotics products are made to last over time and to always provide the best solution to your requests.


Applied Robotics is a global provider of innovative solutions for industrial automation and robotics, in particular "end-effectors" and "end of arm tooling" (EOTA), essential devises for the automation of industrial production processes. Products include but are not limited to; Automatic Tool Changers, Manual Tool Changers, Collision Sensors, Compliance Devices, Pneumatic Grippers, Soft Grippers, Palletizing Grippers and Deburring Tools.

We aim to work with you to come up with a tailored solution for whatever YOUR automation challenge may be. Our team of engineers are focused on delivering high-precision, flexible results that reduce downtime and repair costs, while increasing output, efficiency and safety. All our products are built to meet or exceed industry requirements and provide reliable and dependable EOAT solutions.

Applied Robotics is a proud subsidiary of the Effecto Group.


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