Case Studies & White Papers

Below are some case studies on how Applied Robotics provided solutions to various challenges in a variety of applications. Also available are educational white papers covering many frequently asked questions regarding automation. If you’d like to do a case study or have an idea and would like to co-author a white paper, please contact us at

Solution in reach.

Artimation Case Study ARTomation Case Study
Tool changing for the Painting industry requires the strength to stand up to solvents.
Autoliv Case Study Autoliv Case Study
Air Bags need special tool changing.
AZ Automotive Case Study AZ Automotive Corporation
The Sigma tool changer reduces space in a working robotic cell.
CAF CAF Case Study with photos
The Sigma 5 Tool Changer can handle very large and heavy parts — like train cars.
Arc Welding Collision Sensor for Arc Welding
The QuickSTOP collision sensor is perfect for repeatability and weld quality without warping the metal.
Laser Beam Collision Sensor for Laser-Beam Welding
The QuickSTOP collision sensor protects expensive lasers and robotic arms creating reliability and consistent work in this high-tech and highly sensitive application.
Plasma Collision Sensor for Plasma Cutting
The QuickSTOP collision sensor protects costly torch heads and controls the unit to prevent poor quality or “wavy” cuts.
Comau Pico Case Study Comau Pico Ford Expedition
The Sigma tool changer’s low profile with a custom I/O module helps the Ford Expedition Extended Cab series.
Daimler Chrysler Case Study Daimler Chrysler
The Sigma tool changer can be retrofitted to accommodate different utilities regardless of future changes at the plant.
GI at ARI thumb GI at ARI
Applied Robotics’ products and solutions work in General Industry – a.k.a. Every industry.
Gibson and Hatch Technology Case Study Hatch Technology Case Study
ARI’s QuickSTOP collision sensor helps prevent dangerous and costly spills of a radioactive ingredient used to treat Cancer.
Heavy Duty Bag Gripper Case Study Heavy Duty Bag Gripper Case Study
The ARI Heavy Duty Bag Gripper (HDBG) is robust enough to last in the harshest of environments.
High Temperature Tool Changer High Temp Tool Changer
ARI’s tool changer that can stand up to 1600 degrees F.
Listowel Case Study Listowel Technology
ARI’s tool changer and tool stand accommodating  very small spaces.
thumbnail for needles Needles Some Help
ARI heavy duty and sturdy grippers hold up to hard, continuous work, saving a plant $180,000 a year.
Auto Plant Significant improvements at Automotive Stamping Plant
ARI decreases feed bar rail nuisance faults by 95% with new module.
Solar Panel Case Study Smart Gripper 3.0 Solar Panels
ARI’s SmartGripper’s variable touch can handle large glass bowls at high speeds without breaking them.