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High Temperatures

A Heat Resistant Tool Changer for High Temperature Applications

Problem defined.

Melting. Most tool changers don’t stand a chance in 1600°F.

Typical applications for the heat resistant tool changer involve handling parts undergoing a heat treatment (thermal spray or furnace) process or thermal coating process.

Solution in reach.

Applied Robotics utilizes their proven 3-cam latching mechanism with a central, positive retract and fail-to-safe locking mechanism in a heat resistant tool changer, providing continuous and reliable operation even in harsh environments.

The tool changer construction employs a high performance stainless alloy to achieve maximum strength and stability at elevated temperatures.  Also provided with active air cooling, which supplies constant heat removal, the tool changer can couple to a tooling at temperatures ranging up to 1600°F.

The tool adaptor, fixed to the part receiving treatment, can reach temperatures up to 1600°F and then be coupled directly to the robot adaptor and either removed from the heat source or manipulated to receive a thermal coating.

Capable of operating in harsh environments at extreme temperatures, the heat resistant tool changer provides customers with dependable automated tool changing.