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Stud Gun Welding

Tool Changers for Stud Gun Welding.

Problem defined.

Separate utility lines are tethered above each stud welding gun. The robot’s range of motion is restricted due to the large number of cables required. Entanglements occur, cables wear and stud feed tubes kink, leading to costly maintenance.

Solution in reach.

Applied Robotics’ stud gun tool changing solution allows a robot to change stud welding guns and automatically connects all required utilities (pneumatic, electric signal level current, electric weld current and stud feed). The robot can switch guns quickly without human intervention and loss of production time.

One set of utility lines can now run down the length of the arm, rather than two sets tethered from above. A more compact utility package assists in easier robot programming, less maintenance and greater access to tighter work areas. Automatically passing utilities through the stud gun changer makes maintenance easier, faster and safer.