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Docking Modules for the Stamping Industry.

Problem defined.

In an automotive stamping plant, engineers and technicians were having difficulties with the integrity electrical I/O interface on their feed bar rail systems.

The original I/O modules supplied by the press manufacturer had smooth-surface contacts which became contaminated with oil and dirt. This created significant downtime due to intermittent signal connections and the need for either maintenance or replacement.

Solution in reach.

Applied Robotics worked with stamping plant experts to develop a replaceable plug known as a docking module — a design that utilizes a spring-loaded, pogo-style, serrated-surface contact.

The serrated surface creates a clean connection each time docking occurs, thus eliminating downtime issues due to intermittent signal connections. The spring-loaded contacts are much easier to replace in the field, taking only seconds to replace a damaged contact.

With this new docking module, the stamping plant has reduced downtime by 94%.