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Applied Robotics’ Engineer Featured in Design News

Applied Robotics’ Engineer Featured in Design News

Glenville, NY
ARI Application and Controls Engineer, Henry Loos, recently participated in one in the series of informative Webinars created by Design News and available for your listening pleasure on their webinar archive pages

“Mechatronics:Advances in Robotics – Technology Trends Shaping Industrial Robotics”

This Design News webcast looks at the latest technology developments and trends shaping the suture of industrial robotics. From advances in servo technology, to grippers and software innovations, robotics continues to evolve and provide more comprehensive solutions for manufacturing.
The key trends in robotics today focus on use of more inntelligent systems, high speed networks and mobile control platforms. There is a continuing emphasis on smaller footprint robotic solutions that maximize the usage of floor space and provide tighter integration with the manufacturing process.
Plue, we are seeing increased use of new technology such as programmable safety zones and more sophistocated end effectors. This panel discussion is an assembly of inndustry experts, providing their insights into the technology changes that are shaping industrial robotics applications. Members of the panel bring their experience from different sectors of the robotics industry: a robot manufacturer, and end-of-arm tooling specialist and an experienced robotics system integrator.

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