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Sigma NextGen Tool Changer

To keep pace with the development of higher dynamic robots and the need to address an increased payload range, Applied Robotics has released the Sigma NextGenTM robotic tool changer.

Features and Benefits

  • Driver/Cam geometry provides increased moment and acceleration capabilities to handle today’s high dynamic robots
  • Unique design to minimize wear and stress for increased longevity
  • Three cam design enables robust coupling under the most extreme load conditions
  • Maintains safety with a coupled mechanism during loss of compressed air
  • Incorporates the best design features of ball & collet and a cam into one mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • High payload capacity
  • Sigma’s unique six-sided design accomodates more utilities
  • A common profile in the entire Sigma line of Tool Changers provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications
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Additional Product Info

pdfDatasheet (Sigma NextGen 125/160)
 Sigma NextGen Users Guide pdfUser Guide (Sigma NextGen 125/160 Users Guide)
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