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Sigma 5.1 Tool Changer

sigma5-1_cornerWith a payload capacity of 500kg, the Sigma 5.1 robotic tool changer brings greater modularity and exceptional strength to the heaviest jobs in factory production.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • Highest payload capacity – up to 500kg
  • Unique six-sided design accommodates more utilities
  • A Sigma 5.1 and Sigma 3.1 common profile provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Eliminate adaptor plates for lower weight, and increased strength and efficiency
  • Low profile reduces inertial forces
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications
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Engineering Data

Specifications Robot Adaptor Tool Adaptor
Moment Load – Mx, My N-m in-lb
Model Code S5.1R S5.1T
Payload 500 kg
Moment – Mx, My 2937 Nm (26,000 in-lb)
Moment – Mz 3084 Nm (27,300 in-lb)
Height 60 mm 60 mm
Width x Length 310mm x 358mm
Weight 24.7 lbs, 11.34 kg 18.7 lbs, 8.66 kg
Couple/Uncouple Port 1/4 BSPP na
Couple Status Sensor Couple/Uncouple na
Repeatability – X,Y 0.04mm
Repeatability – Z 0.04mm
Operating Temp. 5 – 60 Deg C
Operating Pressure 6 bar ± 1 (87 ± 15 psi)

Additional Product Info

3d Modeling Tool
pdf Datasheet (Deutsch)
pdf Datasheet (English)
pdf Datasheet (Portuguese)
Sigma 3,5,8 Users Guide pdfUser Guide (Sigma 3 and Sigma 5 New Sensing)
Sigma 3,5,8 Users Guide pdfUser Guide (Sigma 3.1, 5.1, 8.1)
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