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Sigma 3.1 Tool Changer

sigma3-1_cornerWhen it comes to robotics, flexibility is critical. That’s why Applied Robotics has designed our Sigma 3.1 robotic tool change systems to perform multiple functions in a single work cell easily and efficiently.

The Sigma 3.1 robotic tool changer offers a high strength to weight ratio and a low profile to maximize robot load capability, while enhanced modularity and interchangeability increase flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • Higher payload capacity – up to 360 kg ( 794 lbs)
  • Unique six-sided design accommodates more utilities
  • A Sigma 3.1 and Sigma 5.1 common profile provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Eliminates adaptor plates for lower weights, and increased strength and efficiency
  • Low profile reduces inertial forces
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications
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sigma3_inlineEngineering Data

Specifications Robot Adaptor Tool Adaptor
Moment Load – Mx, My N-m in-lb
Model Code S3.1R S3.1T
Payload 360 kg
Maximum Operating Moment – Mx, My 2,000 Nm (17,701 in-lb)
Maximum Operating Torque – Mz 2,075 Nm (18,365  in-lb)
Height 60 mm / 2.36″ 60 mm / 2.36″
Width x Length 268 mm x 321 mm
Weight 7.34 kg/16.5 lbs 5.13 kg/11.2 lbs
Couple/Uncouple Port 1/4 BSPP na
Couple Status Sensor Couple/Uncouple na
Repeatability – X,Y +/-0.02mm /+/-0.00078in
Repeatability – Z +/-0.013mm/+/-0.00051in
Operating Temp. 5-60 Deg C / 41-140 F
Operating Pressure 6 bar ± 1 (87 ± 14.8 psi)
storage Tool Storage Fixtures
cables Cabling
modules Modules