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Adjustable Palletizing Gripper

Applied Robotics offers a line of Adjustable Palletizing Grippers (ARPG) which provide rapid pick-and-place palletizing of bagged or boxed products, offering complete robotic control of a palletizing cell.


Applied Robotics Adjustable Palletizing Gripper

Features and Benefits

High Energy Density (Payload to Gripper Weight Ratio
Doesn’t require large robots to palletize lightweight bags.

Gripper width easily adjusts and locks with our patent pending Self-Locking Rotary Handwheel.

Failsafe Payload Support
Will not lose payload during loss of power or air.

Engineered construction with select materials provides maximum strength in any industrial environment.


Data Sheets

Adjustable Palletizing Gripper (ARPG)
Adjustable Palletizing Gripper (ARPG) Options