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QS-AW Collision Sensor

qsaw_nostem_corner_122008newThe QS-AW is a dynamically variable collision sensor that operates on an air pressure system.

A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the collision sensor rigid during normal operation. At impact, the air chamber seal is opened, immediately signaling the system controller.

Factory-proven and engineered to withstand the harsh realities of these applications, QS-AW is the collision sensor specifically designed for arc welding, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

Key Benefits

  • Positive, variable air pressure to hold the QS-AW rigid during normal operation, resulting in more accurate welds and cuts
  • Permanent repeatability
  • Detects angular, rotational and compressive forces
  • Common mounting flange to work with a variety of torches
  • Flat plate or stem mount available
  • Built-in harsh environment shielding
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Engineering Data


Performance Metric Imperial
Torque Trip Point 316-4520 N-cm 28-400 in-lb
Moment Trip Point 361-3243 N-cm 32-287 in-lb
Mass (Flat Plate Model) 0.86 kg 1.89 lb
Mass (Stem Model) 0.75 kg 1.67 lb
Compliance Angle ±5°
Axial Compliance (Z+) 5.2 mm 0.20 in
Rotary Compliance no limit
Profile (Flat Plate Model) 49 mm 1.9 in
Profile (Stem Model) 71 mm 2.8 in
Repeatability X&Y: ±0.025 mm
Z: ±0.013 mm
Rotational: ±0.024°
Avg. Response Time 4-7 ms
Switch High reliability aircraft snap acting type. Rated 3 amps,
Average cycle life – 7 million cycles
Slag Protection Metal Screen Supplied
Voltage & Current Rating 28Vdc max, 200mA max


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