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QS-25 Collision Sensor

qs25_corner_122008newThe QS-25 is a dynamically variable collision sensor that operates on an air pressure system.

A regulated air supply provides positive, variable pressure to hold the collision sensor rigid during normal operation. At impact, the air chamber seal is opened, immediately signaling the system controller.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamically variable trip points
  • Permanent repeatability
  • Use on linear actuators, robots, pick-and-place robotics machines
  • Detects angular, rotational and compressive forces
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Engineering Data

Performance Metric Imperial
Torque Trip Point 1.0-6.4 N-m 9-56 in-lb
Moment Trip Point 1.0-6.4 N-m 9-56 in-lb
Mass 0.26 kg 0.56 lb
Diameter 63.5 mm 2.5 in
Profile 32 mm 1.26 in
Compliance Angle ±5°
Axial Compliance (Z+) 3.4 mm 0.134 in
Rotary Compliance no limit
Center of Mass 18.6 mm .73 in
Operating Temperature 0°C min – 70°C max
Repeatability X&Y: ±0.013 mm
Z: ±0.013 mm
Rotational: ±0.024°
Avg. Response Time 2-6 ms
Switch High reliability aircraft snap acting type. Rated 3 amps,
Average cycle life – 7 million cycles
Dust Protection Foam collar supplied
Options Coolant Resistant Boot
Voltage & Current Rating 28Vd max, 200mA max

Additional Product Info

3d Modeling Tool 
pdf Datasheet (QS-25 (Mechanical))
pdf User Guide 
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