Compliance Devices

An ancient 5th century fable tells the story of a challenge between the mighty oak tree and the flexible reed to see which would survive a terrible storm. Of course the oak us much stronger than the reed but in this case, the reed bent in the strong winds and survived while the mighty oak snapped. Imagine the resilience of a device that could blend the best of both worlds; the strength of the oak with the elasticity of the reed. ARI has done just that with our Soft Dock fully compliant tool stand mounting technology.

A tool stand must be rigid to support the weight of tooling and maintain position without bending or flexing. Robotic programming although accurate is not always perfect. A robot that presses too hard or hits the tool stand can damage the stand, the tool and/or wear out the robotic servo. A robot that doesn’t get close enough to the tool in the tool stand forces the tool changer to pull the tool into place causing premature wear.

With an ARI Soft Dock compliance module these worries are eliminated. Bolted to a rigid ARI tool stand, the Soft Dock module provides the perfect amount of compliancy to allow the tool changer to come into contact with the tool for precision coupling and uncoupling without undue stress on the stand, tool, tool changer or robotic servos. Not only is this a worthwhile insurance policy for your significant automation investment, but it will make your tool changes smooth and effortless.