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Product Testing

Guinea Pigs are cute, but let’s face it, nobody wants to be one!
With a highly skilled Engineering staff and a 1,500 square foot robotic test cell; nothing leaves the ARI facility without the certainty that it will safely exceed any and all performance requirements mandated by the intended application.


Launching a newly commissioned automation cell is challenging enough without having to worry that your selected components won’t be up to the task. ARI alleviates your concern and replaces it with confidence. It’s all about headroom. Each element of our product line has been engineered to exceed published specifications. You can be secure in the knowledge that if the product specifications say the part will perform, it will. We stake our reputation on it. When looking at the Applied Robotics catalog for the first time, it’s obvious we sell automation equipment. Once you do business with ARI, it becomes apparent that we deliver peace of mind. Relax and trust in Applied Robotics and the 30+ year reputation of solving problems and eliminating worry. We’ve got your back.

The extensive range of testing includes, dimensional verification, load capacity analysis, long term cycle testing, rotational force/moment validation as well as simulated product trials.