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High Strength & Low Weight: SmartChange = SmartChoice

High Strength & Low Weight: SmartChange = SmartChoice

Clinton Township, MI — Bilsing Automation North America has announced the availability of its new carbon fiber (CF) material handling frame that meets dimensional specifications for body shop applications as designated by NAAMS (North American Automotive Metric Standards). As compared to the traditional aluminum tubing used in body shop frames, the Bilsing CF frame components can be up to 50 percent lighter and exhibit significantly less deflection. These features help increase productivity and improve process stability.

Additional benefits of carbon fiber tooling include the fact that customized profiles can be designed to satisfy individual application requirements while interfacing with NAAMS-compliant components. The Assembly Tooling Standardization is aimed at cost reduction for components used to fabricate sheet steel bodies-in-white, front-end sheet steel and closures without compromising quality or performance. By enabling faster motion paths and quicker settling of the robot, Bilsing’s CF frame reduces cost through improved productivity and enhances quality through less vibration.

To illustrate the benefits of its carbon tooling NAAMS frame, Bilsing and partner CompoTech conducted FEA research that compares an aluminum frame against carbon fiber. The results have been compiled into a study that is available by contacting Bilsing at 586-463-0686 or by emailing

 Incorporated into the Bilsing Frame is the SmartChange™ Tool Changer from Applied Robotics, Inc. This is the smallest, strongest and smartest tool changer on the market.

Bilsing Automation North America is a subsidiary of Bilsing Automation GmbH (Attendorn, Germany), a global leader in the development and manufacturing of modular tooling systems for the pressroom, body shop and plastic molding applications in the automotive, food, packaging and glass industries. The company is focused on providing optimum product performance that results in cost reductions, supporting the customer through planning, design, engineering, assembly and commissioning. Bilsing Automation also offers 3D digital simulation and on-site training as part of its service offerings

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