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Dematic, a global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services announced today in the Builder’s Merchant News,  the debut of its new business unit called, the Robotics Center of Excellence. The Center is responsible for applying and implementing robotic solutions that, “make order fulfilment operations more efficient, productive and responsive to today’s on-demand omnichannel distribution environment”.

“Technology advancement in vision, product handling and software are the key enablers that are making robotic technology, which is prevalent in manufacturing environments, more feasible and cost effective in a broad spectrum of distribution applications,” said Crystal Parrott, Vice President, Robotics Center of Excellence. “In addition, we can combine our past experience implementing robotic solutions for de-layering and palletizing with new capabilities to provide goods-to-robot piece picking, bin replenishment and sorter loading to deliver powerful solutions across a wide range of applications.”

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