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ARI Announces Show Partnership with IPSUMM

ARI Announces Show Partnership with IPSUMM

Glenville, NY
Applied Robotics, excited to announce a partnership with Ipsumm for the ASME’s inaugural Advanced Design & Manufacturing Impact Forum, collocated with IDETC/CIE 2014 to be held in Buffalo, NY August, 17th through the 20th.

The four-day event focuses on the intersection of advanced design and advanced manufacturing in industrial and consumer applications and will highlight the opportunities and potential of the latest advanced manufacturing solutions available today.

Ipsumm and Applied Robotics will share a booth and are now working together on creating a demonstration robotic cell that will be informative and entertaining utilizing the IPSUMM  IRIS system and Applied Robotics’ tool changers and SmartGrippers™.

“Applied Robotics, Inc. has tool changers and grippers that meet our high standards of quality and precision to showcase what IRIS can do. Their MXC line of tool changers and SmartGrippers™ easily integrate into the applications and areas we already work in” stated George Armstead, Global Sales Manager, IPSUMM. “ARI’s focus, like ours, is on providing unparalleled engineering and customer service along with innovative solutions.”

“IPSUMM is a perfect partner for us,” stated John Serfilippi, Operations Manager for Applied Robotics, Inc. “IPSUMM has the vision necessary to succeed in the automation world with the skills and pure talent to back it up.  Like ARI, they are small and agile and easily work in all the industries we do, such as military, food, pharma , manufacturing and more. We look forward to the ASME Show and the future.”

Applied Robotics, is headquartered in Upstate NY, and a leading provider of specialized automation end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions designed to bring greater speed, flexibility and efficiency to automation-based processes. ARI’s product base comprising tool changers, collision sensors, grippers and other end effectors are engineered to serve a variety of markets, including general industry, automotive, life sciences, and food processing and packaging.
These wrist-down solutions can be found in material handling, assembly, cutting, dispensing, machining and welding applications throughout the United States, Canada, Pacific Rim, Mexico, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, South America and Europe via Applied Robotics Europe.

IPSUMM specializes in both custom automation solutions or upgrades to a current system. IRIS is a transportable flexible robotic work cell that can easily be configured and reconfigured to meet changing production needs and processes.  IPSUMM also provides product development services focused on creative solutions and product design using solid engineering skills. They have the capability to go from concept to feasibility and prototyping through manufacturing. We work with a diverse group of people ranging from the individual with an idea to a corporation with proven products that need some modifications.