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ARI Announces New Solid State Switch Family of Electrical Switches

ARI Announces New Solid State Switch Family of Electrical Switches
Glenville, New York — January 07, 2008 – Applied Robotics Inc., a leading provider of automation end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions today announced its new family of Solid State Electrical Switches. The new switches employ a solid state pressure sensor and
surface mount interface electronics, all self-contained within a sealed housing.
“The new switches are being used on our line of QuickSTOP collision sensors which are ideal for multiple industrial applications,” said Jim Fitzgerald, vice president of Applied Robotics.
The new switches are used with the  company’s line of QuickSTOP Collision Sensors which operate on air pressure to  immediately send a shutdown signal on impact. The Quickstop Collision Sensors are ideal from many industrial applications including material handling,  machine loading/unloading, pick and place operations, and spot welding. All QuickSTOP models feature dynamically variable trip points allowing the user to  program your collision sensor at all speeds of an operation. The breakaway  threshold adjusts to match the working force ranges of your  robot/application. The switches have a dynamic operating range of 15 – 90 psi, separate solid-state PNP (sourcing) and  NPN (sinking) outputs, and are rated at 200 mA each.
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Applied Robotics Inc., headquartered in Glenville, N.Y. is an ISO-9001 certified, employee-owned company serving the world’s automation market. Founded in 1983, Applied Robotics designs and manufactures end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions intended to solve complex automation problems and improve efficiencies. Serving a wide spectrum of customers and industries ranging from large Fortune 500 companies to small privately-held businesses, the company’s wrist-down solutions can be found in manufacturing, welding, assembly, material removal and material handling applications throughout the United States, Canada, Pacific Rim, Europe, Mexico, South America and Australia. More information can be found on the company website at

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