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ARI Announces a New Distributor in China:

ARI Announces a New Distributor in China:

Glenville, New York — May 29, 2008 – Applied Robotics Inc., a leading provider of automation end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions has recently added a new Distributor to their already prestigious line-up of partners. China Shipbuilding Equipment & Materials Northeast Corporation (CSEMNC), a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) joins the eleven existing Applied Robotics, Inc. Distributors and will bring new coverage to all of China.

“Wider distribution of our products and solutions internationally will continue to be an ongoing focus for Applied Robotics, Inc. and we are pleased to have added CSIC as a distributor in China,” says Jim Fitzgerald, vice president of Applied Robotics Inc. “The Chinese industrial market is one of the fastest growing world markets and we’re excited to be working with CSIC.”

“Our agreement with Applied Robotics, Inc. not only opens up a new revenue stream for our company, it also helps solidify and broaden our relationships with automotive and other industries by providing additional products and solutions they require,” says Mr. Yingkai Chen, director of the mechanical and electronic department at CSIC.

Since 1963, CSEMNC has been an important player in the Chinese industrial arena. Their newly developed automation division works extensively with the Chinese automotive industry as well as the automotive transplants in China and other industries. They look to develop new products as well as offering training and support to that and other industries throughout the whole of China. The Applied Robotics, Inc. product line of tool changers, collision sensors, grippers, connectivity technology and custom solutions will well complement the CSIC existing line of products and total automation support goals.

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