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Applied Robotics, Inc.’s New Bag Gripper Debuts at The Assembly Show 2017

Glenville, NY: October 14th, 2017
Today, Applied Robotics, Inc., a leading global provider of robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions, has launched their new Bag Gripper at the Assembly Show 2017 in Rosemont, IL.
The new Bag Gripper features one of the lightest weight to capacity ratios on the market and is fully adjustable to work with multiple conveyor spacing and payload sizes. ARI’s new Bag Gripper is affectionately nicknamed, “The Bag Boss” and can be adjusted on the fly to handle multiple bag sizes or conveyor spacing reports Kevin Drummond, Director of Sales and Marketing for ARI. True to ARI’s visionary engineering, a portion of the sizing adjustment is patent pending. “The Bag Boss” is extremely cost effective and easily maintained – right on the robot because all components are accessible for preventative maintenance and inspection. There are also inexpensive options like a pallet picker and slip sheet handling that enable a truly automated process.

Spearheading the project was Design Engineer Timothy Strang, who will be on hand at the show to review the product details and answer any questions in as much technical depth as necessary. ARI will be tweeting announcements of when Tim will be giving short presentations about “the Boss” but attendees are invited to stop by the booth anytime to see and hear about it as well as ARI’s other products.

“Applied Robotics continues to innovate, and we realize that helping our customers be more efficient and productive in their business is an integral part of our business”, said Mr. Drummond. “By looking for creative ways to streamline products, add efficiency to processes and save on downtime, we will help our customers differentiate themselves from their competition.”

For more information, visit Applied Robotics, Inc. this October 24-26th at booth #1800 or at their website