Heavy Duty Bag Palletizing in Harsh Environments.

Problem defined.

Bagging and palletizing minerals (such as cement, silica, pigments and alumina) requires an extremely robust solution — one that can withstand contamination and corrosion by these abrasive materials, as well as minimize maintenance requirements and resulting downtime.

Solution in reach.

Featuring split-fork design to grip bags coming off roller conveyors, Applied Robotics’ palletizing gripper offers high dynamic, high cycle, repeatable bag moving (20+ cycles per minute handling bags of up to 110 lbs, depending on robot and distance traveling). Double wipers on cylinders also decreases the likelihood of contamination, making this bag gripper especially durable in harsh environments. Fewer inputs/outputs means less maintenance.

All electrical interconnections between valves, sensors and the junction box, as well as the electrical cable and connector, are provided for easy robot integration.